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Risk Management Services

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Risk Management

Risk Management allows organizations to improve the quality of project management practices and governance from the decision to invest to final delivery of project outcomes.

Risk management promotes dialog between all stakeholders and sponsors and supports realistic approaches, plans, and project estimates. When implementing or improving Risk Management, you need to consider the organization’s/project’s risk management maturity, processes, methodologies, organization, culture, technologies and oversight structures.

Our Approach

Our cognitive approach to implementing and improving Risk Management gives our clients the assurance to gain from the experience of many successful implementations. This proven approach brings best practices and real world experience. It shortens your time to value realization and increasing the longer-term return in your investment.

At Anrank & Co Ltd, we specialise in managing risk. We have a comprehensive range of risk management services designed to bring a new perspective to complicated issues within an organisation which include:

Our Risk Management Strategies

  • Improve the identification of opportunities and threats.
  • Further develop the governance and control frameworks within your organisation.
  • Help your organisation operate efficiently and contribute to improved performance.
  • Aid decision making and planning by accounting for uncertainty and assessment of actions that may or may not have taken place.

Your Advisory Checklist

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We check the tax computations together with expense schedules to ensure that all expenses that are not allowable have been adjusted and that all capital deductions have been claimed.

We compare the income per computation with that declared in the returns. We also check the correctness and timeliness of submitting the returns and reconciliation of tax statement of account.

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We examine all the payroll records including the staff files to ensure all emoluments are declared. We also recalculate the taxes to ensure correct tax rates have been used.

We ensure from the sample selected that the payroll agrees to the PAYE records and the employment contracts. We ensure that PAYE, NSSF and NHIF are correctly computed and paid on time. We also ensure that all the returns were submitted on time.

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We ensure that withholding tax has been correctly deducted, accounted for and remitted on a timely basis to the tax authorities in respect of all eligible invoices and agreements entered into.

We review the purchases day book, cash book and other similar records to identify invoices or payments that are subject to withholding tax and ensure that the same has been done and paid on time.

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We review the VAT control accounts to ensure that all output taxes have been declared and all eligible input tax has been claimed.

We compare sales per VAT returns with accounts for variances. We check the correctness and timeliness of VAT declaration.

We then prepare a report of findings and compute the outstanding taxes and penalties if any. We advice on how to resolve the matter and recommend the best way forward.